Bathmate (New Zealand and Australia)

Website Design - Bathmate (New Zealand and Australia)

Both the Bathmate New Zealand and Bathmate Australia online stores provide customers throughout New Zealand and Australia access to the whole range of Bathmate products including the revolutionary Bathmate Hydromax range which has been delivering amazing results to men worldwide for over five years. Both websites are run by a company called Online Purchase who have been in business for over ten years providing premium brand sex toys and unbeatable customer service. They do this by offering super-fast dispatch and speedy delivery along with prices that are considerably lower than the RRP. GetNet designed and developed the website that is proving to be extremely popular with clients throughout Australasia.

Trading on the net allows businesses to reach a far wider audience, and to market their products at highly discounted prices due to the fact that operating costs are considerably less than those incurred by traditional bricks and mortar stores. Both Bathmate New Zealand and Bathmate Australia have become market leaders; a reputation for providing a discreet and highly efficient service combined with innovative marketing and a user friendly interface make both of these companies hard to beat.

So why are men all over the world so enthusiastic about Bathmate products? The Bathmate Hydromax has become the world’s bestselling Hydro Pump, and here’s why:

All Bathmate Hydro Pump products are made from high quality, phthalate free, skin-safe and medical grade materials. All products in the Bathmate range have undergone strict dermatological testing by a company called Aspen Clinical Research who are world renowned in their field. The clinic has definitively stated that all Bathmate Hydro Pumps are clinically proven to be safe for use on the genital area.

Bathmate is a well-respected brand and one that you can trust. In addition, you can also rely on the brand to provide you with very effective results. If you use Bathmate products regularly tests have proven that you will increase both the length and thickness of your penis, enlarging the head of your penis and increasing volume. In turn, this will enable you to last longer when making love to your partner giving your confidence a welcome boost, and heightening levels of sexual satisfaction for both of you.

Bathmate recommend that you use the Hydromax for around 15-20 minutes a day, or every 2 days. If used regularly you will experience long lasting results and you will keep your penis in tip-top condition; expect results to become permanent after about 6 weeks of correct use. Men with smaller penises tend to witness the highest gains; the majority of clients will notice an increase of about 1 inch in girth and 2-3 inches in length.

The Hydromax was originally designed by engineers and medical experts to combat a condition called sports shrinkage which is experienced by some athletes. For maximum results the Hydromax works best when used in water as this creates the greatest amount of suction, although it can be used in air alone.

When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions all Bathmate products are pretty much indestructible! They come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and are made from premium quality materials.