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Bevin Wheeler - NZ Web Designer

  1. A website that generates business requires the correct design, with easy to read, persuasive content that takes people through your business process.

  2. Remember, people are at your website for a reason. They need to 'get' that they're at the right place and be able to work out what to do within about 5 seconds (or they'll leave to find a website that's easier).

  3. After your visitor decides to stay at your site they need to be convinced that you're the right company for them. How do you do this? Your website content needs to be organised in a way that is easy to follow, and it needs to be persuasive. You can use us to write your website content.

  4. And finally, people need to be able to move forward, by enquiring, buying, requesting info or by making a booking, etc.

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